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The Little Skool-House At-Kent-Vale


Preschool (18 months to 6 years) - Full Day

Xueting has been an Early Childhood professional since 2011. She has worked with many passionate colleagues, and believes that play is a good vehicle for them to learn about the world around them. 

Beyond the classroom, Xueting constantly reflects on her behaviour as an educator and the influence she has on the children. Her favourite poem, Traps by Lim Sok Mui and Dr Daisy Chan, speaks about how children engage in inappropriate behaviour to get attention. This further influences the way she behaves while teaching so that she can pass good behaviour down by being a role model.

Xueting holds a Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies.

Her preschool centre is operated in collaboration with the National University of Singapore (NUS). Employees of NUS and its affiliates can contact their HR department for more information.



Wang Xueting

B. in ECS

101B Clementi Road 
Kent Vale Staff Housing 
Singapore 129798 

Mondays to Fridays: 7am to 7pm 
Saturdays: 7am to 2pm 

Tel: (65) 6773 9361 
Fax: (65) 6777 1865