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The ELC’s Interactive Zones

Maker’s Space

The Makers’ Space provides children with a platform to freely express their creativity through usable waste gathered from industrial partners. With a rich array of resources, you might be amazed to discover your child’s boundless imagination and creativity!

Stage Works

Discover that literacy can be beyond books and words! Regular programmes will be held at this area of the ELC in partnership with performing artists, authors, puppeteers and more to bring out the performing elements of literacy.

Action Capsules

The 2 Action Capsules provide a space for children to have independent and creative exploration of materials provided by partners to enable development of literacy skills through an interdisciplinary approach.

Library Area

The ELC’s library provides a rich selection of bilingual literacy materials to support the children’s holistic language and literacy development. Parents and educators can also have access to titles in relation to early literacy. To support and promote early literacy in Singapore, the ELC endeavors to provide a good selection of children’s literature from local authors. 

Early Years Zone

Cultivating and igniting a child’s passion for literacy should ideally begin at an early age. This zone provides a conducive environment for parents or caregivers to engage the younger ones in developmentally appropriate activities, with the provision of suitable materials.