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The Little Skool-House Early Literacy Centre


With the belief that literacy is more than just reading and writing, The Little Skool-House launches its first Early Literacy Centre (ELC) in conjunction with the opening of its 17th centre at Downtown East. Carefully designed by the team of Early Childhood Education Specialists from LSH, the ELC provides an innovative platform for children, families, and educators to exchange, network and incubate new ideas and thoughts in the area of early literacy. With 6 interactive zones designed for children up to 8 years old, they can freely explore and express their creativity while being exposed to various aspects of literacy development. In addition, the ELC will offer regular workshops conducted in collaboration by well-acclaimed early literacy authors, artists and establishments, that can lend an interesting interpretation to literacy experiences. Located conveniently within The Little Skool-House At-Downtown-East, the ELC is your platform to discover the wonders of the languages and literacy with your little ones.

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E: T: 6585 5292

ELC Theme - Sept to Dec 2018 

Mythical creatures

A mythical creature is a fictitious, imaginary and often supernatural animal. Its existence has not or cannot be proven. Some mythical creatures originated from traditional mythologies, folklore and legends are often believed to be real, e.g. Dragons, unicorns, mermaids, gnomes, imps, pixies, etc. Adults and children alike, these creatures evoke a sense of whimsy and excitement. They piqued our imagination and desire to discover more. 

Join us this term, as the Early Literacy Centre transforms into a lair of mythical creatures. Spot the fairies playing by the flower pots and the pixies creating a flower wreath for their queen. Meet the mermaids singing by the boulders and the Loch Ness monster frolicking in the lake. Before you leave, don’t forget about the unicorns! 

Create a story with your very own mythical character and leave a mark with us.