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0-3 Years: Relationship-Based Curriculum

Building your child’s confidence is at the heart of our Relationships-based Curriculum. A confident child is eager to learn and try new things. So, from day 1, we assign a teacher to always be with the children in order for them to gain a sense of belonging. Then, we introduce the children to the daily routine, so they know what happens next. This in turn makes them feel secure and confident. Once established, we use storyboards and games as a gateway to learning. When children have fun, they easily grasp ideas and retain what they learn longer.

Beyond learning, our Relationship-Based Curriculum gets your child ready for life given its 3 key areas: Psychosocial Self (your child’s sense of self and his interrelationships); Physical Self, (your child’s sensory and motor skills); and, Thinking and Communication Self, (ability to comprehend and communicate concepts in English and Mandarin)

Infant-Care (2 to 18 months)

Infants who feel secure in their first two years are more sociable, independent and purposeful. With this in mind, our infant care program fosters a nurturing relationship between caregiver and your child. One that is loving, respectful and responsive.

Toddler (2 years) 

Unlocking a toddlers confidence is key to our toddler program. We believe that a child with a ‘can do’ attitude is capable of learning and achieving anything they set their mind on. 

Nursery 1 (3 years) 

Children’s natural curiosity is the best tool for learning. Which is why we give our preschoolers the freedom to explore and discover new things. This in turn helps develop their ability to think for themselves, solve problems independently, and most of all, develop a lifelong love for learning.