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Learner Profile

Through our curriculum, we develop the abilities of children across the different learner profiles to help them become thinkers, risk-takers, inquirers, communicators and innovators.


Curious and inquisitive, inquirers learn best through questioning, exploration and implementation. 

Children are inherently curious and interested in the world around them. By providing them with a safe and secure environment, we encourage their discovery of the world. And with teachers who truly care about their learning, your child will not be afraid to ask questions on why things happen and how they work.

risk takers

Bold and daring, risk takers approach unfamiliar situations with confidence and view problems as challenges to improve. 

We believe that all children are competent learners. That’s why we create a fun and engaging environment that supports and encourages learning. By letting your child enjoy what they do, we empower them with the confidence to explore their abilities to their fullest potential.

independent thinkers

Inventive and forward-thinking, independent thinkers employ logic and creativity to solve the problems they encounter. 

Children often engage in metacognition, generating alternative ideas to gain new knowledge as they reflect upon what they have done, seen, heard or felt in their daily experiences. In creating an environment that supports independent thinking, we take your child’s learning to the next level.

effective communicators

Self-assured and expressive, effective communicators express their views and ideas confidently and creatively in different forms.  

Through positive and effective communication, our teachers develop the literacy skills of your child, giving them the confidence to express themselves. We create an environment that encourages your child to ask questions, share their findings and compose their own stories, while teaching them how to listen to and respect the views of others.  

creative innovators

Imaginative and artistic, creative innovators think out of the box, doing things differently by generating new ideas in their work. 

By creating an environment that supports learning and growing, we provide your child with numerous opportunities to come up with creative solutions to problems. Through our educators’ strong facilitation and guiding skills, we develop your child to be flexible in their thinking to explore various possibilities.