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2 Months to 3 years

Our relationships-based curriculum fosters confidence in your child from an early age – the stepping stone from which all positive learning takes place.

A fun place to be

While you are at work, the last thing you need to be worrying about is your little one’s health, safety and happiness while you are away. At Little Skool House infant- and child-care, we remove that concern, providing a comfortable, safe, nurturing and happy environment for your child to learn, play and develop.

Our first teacher is one of our most important first relationships

We all remember our first teacher. That all important first relationship had a big hand in helping us determine who we would grow up to be. At Little Skool-House, our teachers build nurturing and trusting relationships with your child so that they feel accepted for who they are and can learn with confidence and a growing sense of self-esteem.

“Responsive relationships early in life are the most important factor in building sturdy brain architecture.”

Harvard University Center on the Developing Child, 2017

The comfort of routine

While we encourage a degree of risk-taking in learning – stepping out of your comfort zone to grow in knowledge and character, we also understand that young minds require stability and routine. Providing the best infant-care and childcare services, we give your child the consistency of a daily routine. This way, they know what’s coming next, which adds to their building blocks of confidence.

Storybook-driven learning

Everyone loves a story. It’s our most compelling tool of communication, and one that wraps children up in the wonder of what’s possible.

Everything we teach in this golden window of learning in the first 3 years is done through the art of storytelling. It’s how we communicate in an engaging and welcoming way complex ideas like:

  • the Psychosocial Self (a child’s sense of self and his interrelationships, social and emotional intelligence),
  • the Physical Self ( a child’s sensory and motor skills); and
  • the Thinking and Communication Self, (a child’s ability to comprehend and communicate concepts in English and Mandarin, as well as an academic foundation in early maths, science and moral values.

The best learning happens best when your child is comfortable and secure in their environment

That’s what we are all about at Little Skool-House. Come see for yourself.




7am to 9am

9am to 10am

10am to 11am

11am to 1pm

1pm to 3pm

3pm to 5pm

5pm to 7pm

Start-of-the-day health checks

The day begins with a quick health check, ensuring every child is fit and ready for a fun day at school! We’ll measure each child’s temperature and look out for any rashes or blisters.

Let’s get moving!

There’s a different outdoor activity for each day of the week. Your little one could be on a nature walk one day, having playground time the next or taking part in sports activities that enhance their motor skills.

Engaging Classroom Activities

Our relationship-based curriculum for younger children emphasises building trust and creating learning moments through interactions tailored to your child's interests. Meanwhile, older children develop strong fundamentals in core math, literacy, and essential social skills.

Time for lunch!

For breakfast, lunch and tea, your little one gets to interact with their classmates building their social emotional skills. They’ll learn how to eat independently and once they’ve finished their nutritious meals, they’ll also learn how to wash up on their own through this daily routine.

Storytelling & nap time

All our little ones love to sit down to an engaging interactive storytelling session followed by a well-earned siesta to rest their active but sleepy minds.

Understanding their world

Our learning spaces provide the perfect environment to help your little one understand how the things around them work through observation and hands-on exploration.

Free play to end the day

Your little one joins their classmates for free-time play as they wait for mummy or daddy to take them home for a good night’s sleep when they can process the day of learning.

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