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Enrichment Programmes

By introducing your child to a diverse range of additional activities beyond our academic curriculum, we aim to broaden their experiences and interests, and help them become who they are meant to be.

Rich experiences build a brighter future

In a world where art and science blend, our enrichment programmes are designed to open your child’s mind to multiple diverse, yet enriching, experiences in art, music, sports, performing arts and STEM to nurture confident, curious and well-rounded learners for lifelong success.

Arts Appreciation

Express yourself
From creative expression in drawing, painting, mosaics, collages and much more, your child will gain an appreciation of art in its many forms and explore the many ways they can channel their creativity through multi and mixed media. They’ll become confident and spontaneous in their own self-expression.

Creative Movement and Dance

Free your self-expression through movement
Through creative movement, your child will learn that expression takes many forms and everyone has their own unique way of expressing themselves through dance and movement. While everyone has their own interpretation of music and movement, all expressions are valid. These lessons are an enjoyable way for your little one to develop their physical skills, channel their energy, stimulate their imagination and promote their creativity.


Build resilience against future challenges
Referred to as “physical chess”, fencing provides invaluable training of a child’s ability to focus that can be carried over into academics and other areas of life.

It is a physical activity that helps with development of hand-eye-leg coordination, balance, and quick reflexes. Coupled with a character-based curriculum that promotes honour, grace and chivalry along with focus, discipline and determination, this sport will allow your child to gain the skills needed to manage future life challenges with composure and grace.

Speech and Drama

Communicate with confidence
Speech and Drama is a powerful way for children to learn effective communication by equipping them with skills for voice, speech and language. It build self-confidence, a creative imagination, empathy, and maturity in interpersonal skills.

Preschool Sports (Sportball/Table Tennis)

Love sports for life
Engaging in athletic activity is important for your child’s development not just physically but mentally, emotionally, and socially.

Sportball is an internationally established sports instruction programme for children aged 20 months and up that supports the development of motor, social and physical literacy. Using creative instruction, it provides your child exposure to the concepts and sports skills of 8 popular sports: soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball, baseball, golf, rugby, and hockey, but in a non-competitive environment.

Table tennis classes are conducted in Mandarin by MOE-certified coaches for children aged 4 and up. This sport not only improves brain health, but it also promotes enhanced hand-eye coordination, flexibility and agility.


Steam ahead in MOE’s Applied Framework
STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Aesthetics and Mathematics. This collaborative programme encourages our pre-schoolers to take thoughtful risks, engage in experimental learning and build resilience through a creative problem-solving process. All activities allow children to be hands-on and involved in every step of the learning process.