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4-6 years

The Little Skool-House literacy-based curriculum equips your child with essential skills and builds a strong literacy foundation so your child builds the confidence and skills they need to succeed academically and socially at primary school.

More than simply academics

While a key focus of our literacy-based programme at this stage in your child’s development is on preparing them for primary school, we have our eyes on a bigger prize – preparing confidence, creative and happy future global citizens ready to take their place in the world, whatever that may be.

A holistic approach

At Little-Skool-House, we integrate learning across six subject domains: Language & Literacy, Maths, Science, Creativity, Physical Self and Social Development.

Our goal is to support your child in becoming who they are meant to be:

  • nurturing their interests,
  • feeding their natural gifts and
  • giving them the confidence to grow academically, physically, mentally and socially.

As a Little Skool-House graduate, your child will not only thrive in primary school, but will shine on any path they take through life.

A leading bilingual programme

We firmly believe that our success in our highly sought-after bilingual programme is because we make language fun at Little Skool-House. Our lesson plans are designed to spark genuine interest through books, play, specialised learning and practical application. The proof lies in the results. 93% of our kindergarten graduates have high proficiency in both English and Mandarin, as assessed in a Nanyang Technological University study.

“Our 4-6 year olds are focused on preparing for Primary School.”

We focus on areas of Academic Preparedness, Confident Bilingual Communication, Behaviour Maturity and eventually exposure to the Big School Environment. Our graduates are happy, confident learners, excited and ready for the next big step in their learning journey.

Getting ready for big school

Primary School Formation Programme
A hallmark in our academic foundation is to get your child confident in the skills and knowledge they will need at primary school: proficiency in maths, language, the sciences, and their ability to communicate effectively. We achieve this through the following stages of our Primary School Formation Programme.

Builders and Innovation Project
Our kindergarten programme instils critical thinking and problem-solving skills in Science and Math learning. Together with the Literacy skills acquired through the various fun activities, our curriculum builds confidence in language skills as children discuss, investigate, research, and report on various topics. Your child is given the freedom to enquire about subject matters that intrigue them, such as ‘How the digestive system works’ and conduct an in-depth analysis of their queries with their classmates.

Pedagogy for Enhanced Mandarin Acquisition
This is the key driver behind our bilingual kindergarten programme and preschoolers’ High Proficiency in Mandarin. The pedagogy is built on three pillars:

  • solid language foundation (for example vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure),
  • strong teacher training and mastery, and
  • pedagogy for daily usage by the children to convey their own complex ideas.

Structured Reading and Literacy Assessments
We drive independent reading in line with your child’s pace and capabilities. We first assess your child individually on their Language and Literacy skills then adjust the programme to suit so that we maintain your child’s confidence and love for reading.

Primary School Preparedness
In this programme, your child will learn language, numeracy and literacy through various lessons and activities focusing on academic preparedness, confident bilingual communication, behavioural maturity, and developing strong social and emotional skills necessary to transition to primary school. They’ll be ready for that big first day at big school.

Set your child up for their best future. It all starts with the best early childhood learning experience.