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Enrolling your child in kindergarten is a significant milestone, and as a parent, you want the best start for your little one’s educational journey. Kindergarten is not just about ABCs and 123s; it’s a critical period of development that lays the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. 

But what makes some kindergartens stand out from the rest? In this article, we will explore how top kindergartens in Singapore stand out from the rest.Here are some tips that might help you with getting your kids to bed on time and sleeping through the night. Remember, there is no one age that this will be right for every child. Some may be ready at age 2, some at age 8.

Choose the best kindergarten in Singapore

Parents seek out top kindergartens for a variety of compelling reasons, including quality education, early learning opportunities, and social and emotional development under the care of competent teachers. Parents want to provide their children with a strong educational foundation, paving the way for their lifelong learning and long-term success.

Singapore is known for its high-quality education system, and when choosing the best kindergarten, parents have many options. To help you make an informed decision, let’s delve into the key factors that differentiate top kindergartens.

Educational approach & curriculum


One of the primary qualities that distinguishes top kindergartens is their relationships-based approach. These institutions prioritise building strong, nurturing relationships between teachers, students, and parents. 

They understand that a child’s emotional well-being is integral to their academic success. When children feel safe, loved, and respected, they are more inclined to explore, learn, and develop essential life skills.

Look for kindergartens that focus on small class sizes, where teachers can give individual attention to each child. This approach fosters a sense of security and encourages children to express themselves, ask questions, and seek help when needed.


Another mark of top kindergartens is their literacy-based curriculum. Exposure to language and literacy early on in a child’s life is crucial for their cognitive development. These kindergartens focus on language skills and create a language-rich environment that nurtures reading, writing, and communication skills from a young age.

Cultivating young readers doesn’t just mean teaching children to read and write but also instilling a love for storytelling, books, and language exploration. Children exposed to a diverse vocabulary and encouraged to express themselves verbally are better prepared for future academic success.

Enrichment programmes

Top kindergartens go beyond the basics and offer enrichment programmes. These programmes include art, music, physical education, and even coding or robotics. Enrichment programs provide children with the opportunity to explore their interests and develop a range of skills.

When choosing a kindergarten, inquire about the enrichment programmes they offer. A diverse selection allows your child to discover their passions and develop skills that may not be part of the core curriculum. These experiences can be formative in helping children find their unique talents and interests.

Quality educators

The teachers at a kindergarten play a pivotal role in your child’s early education. Top kindergartens hire highly qualified and passionate educators committed to nurturing young minds. They understand the developmental needs of children in this age group and tailor their teaching methods accordingly.

When evaluating a kindergarten, consider the qualifications and experience of the teachers. Look for award-winning educators, with Outstanding Teacher awards from MOE & EDCA, who have early childhood education backgrounds, and a deep understanding of child psychology. Additionally, observe how the teachers interact with the children during school visits. A warm, caring, and engaging teacher can make a difference in your child’s educational journey.

Positive learning environment

A kindergarten’s physical and emotional environment significantly impacts a child’s learning experience. Top kindergartens create positive and inclusive learning environments conducive to exploration, creativity, and social interaction.

A positive learning environment is characterised by colourful and engaging classrooms, age-appropriate learning materials, and spaces designed for collaborative and independent learning. 

Safety is paramount, and top kindergartens maintain clean, well-maintained facilities that promote physical and emotional well-being.

In this environment, children are encouraged to be curious, ask questions, and work together on projects. Teachers also play a crucial role in cultivating a positive atmosphere by fostering respect, kindness, and a sense of belonging among the students.

Child-centric facilities

Top kindergartens in Singapore invest in child-centric facilities that cater to the unique needs of young children. These facilities include child-sized furniture, well-equipped play areas, and safe outdoor spaces for physical activities. Kindergartens with dedicated libraries, music rooms, and art studios enhance the learning experience.

Child-centric facilities promote independent exploration and creativity, allowing children to learn through play and hands-on experiences. When children are in a space designed for them, they feel a sense of ownership and are more eager to participate in various activities.

Enrol in the best kindergarten in Singapore

Selecting the right kindergarten is a crucial decision for parents, and it’s essential to consider the qualities that set top kindergartens apart. In Singapore, these qualities often include a relationships-based approach, a literacy-based curriculum, enrichment programs, quality educators, a positive learning environment, and child-centric facilities. 

The Little Skool House is committed to unlocking your child’s curiosity and fostering creativity with our award-winning educators. We also offer an immersive bilingual curriculum in English and Mandarin, ensuring high proficiency in both languages. With over 25 years of experience, The Little Skool House is dedicated to preparing children not only for primary school but for life itself.

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