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The ability to speak and understand two languages has several advantages. Encouraging your child to learn multiple languages at a young age, either by speaking it at home or through interactive and fun activities in a bilingual preschool could give them a competitive edge in life. Here’s why.

1. Increases Cognitive Capabilities

Bilingualism enriches children’s brains, supports the development of stronger brain power and helps to enhance the child’s multitasking abilities, attention control, problem solving skills, creativity, and even memory. This is because it improves the way our hearing functions and brain pathways work, as well as increases activation in the brain region associated with attention and inhibition. Did you know? Studies have also shown that bilingual students are able to concentrate better and ignore distractions more effectively. By enrolling your child in a bilingual programme during their preschool years, you give them the opportunity to practise speaking, writing, or reading the language, boosting their intellectual skills.

2. Increases Awareness and Understanding of Cultures

Apart from cognitive abilities, bilingual children with a bicultural background typically have a stronger sense of social justice and empathy for cultural diversity. They also possess the ability to respect more linguistic and racial diversity. In Singapore’s multicultural society, your child will foster a greater appreciation for the diverse cultures and gain a better understanding of their peer’s heritage, regardless of their race.

As bilingual programmes incorporate curriculums that help students learn more about their own culture, students also gain access to their own cultural heritage, developing their personal, social, and cultural identities.

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3. Improve Social Skills and Increase Opportunities

Being able to communicate and comprehend multiple languages introduces a range of unique possibilities for your child, such as helping them enhance their social skills, develop good manners, and build confidence, which are soft skills that would benefit them throughout their lives. The ability to speak in a second language also opens up opportunities for them in the future, such as the ability to study abroad to learn more about another economy and market.

Enrolling your child into a bilingual preschool does not only encourage them to master different languages but it profoundly impacts their social and mental development and prepares them for an exciting life ahead.

At Little Skool-House, we provide a curriculum that builds on the holistic development of children and empowers children to achieve high language proficiency in English and mandarin. Help your kids learn mandarin today by enrolling them with us. Contact us to find out more about our bilingual programmes.

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