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Do you find it difficult to get your child to focus on a task? With so many distractions in our daily lives, it can be a struggle for your child to pay attention and concentrate. Instead of losing your cool, why not try these tips to get your child to be more focused and task-oriented?

Tip #1: Move it Move it

Asking your child to sit down and complete a task can be a huge challenge. Find ways to make it fun for the child by incorporating some physical activities to it. For example, doing math does not necessary require a pen and paper. It can be done through fun games and movement activities.

Tip #2: Play Pretend

One thing that I love to do in the classroom is to create scenarios for them to play pretend. For example, when they are wearing their clothes after shower time, we like to pretend that we are race cars having a pit stop and changing our “tyres” (clothes). Creating exciting scenarios like this gives them the sense of urgency as they focus on their task and have fun in the process! This also helps eliminate the distractions as they are concentrated in their task.

Tip #3: Bite-sized Instructions

Breaking down your instructions into bite-sized pieces allows your child to process information more effectively. Instructions that are short and simple to follow not only helps children to catch on better, it also provides them with more time to accomplish the task. Coming up with a rap, rhyme, or song for your instructions also adds a nice ring to it.

Tip #4: Have Breaks

This is a crucial step to have. Instead of finishing the entire task in a sitting, break it down so that they can recharge their energy. Breaks are necessary for them to refocus and get their mind moving again.

Tip #5: Limit the Screen Time

This needs no explanation – it does makes it easier for your child to do a task (i.e. eating) with the aid of electronic devices. However, it makes children rely on gadgets, and it will be a much harder process to get them to wean the habit in the future. Start by keeping the task short and simple and stick to your rules.

It sometimes can be infuriating when a child refuses to cooperate. It is important that we maintain our composure, be patient and try different ways to go about accomplishing a task!

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