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Little Skool-House’s early childhood educators clinched 2 awards at ECDA Awards 2022

Zhou Jie, Senior Chinese Teacher at Little Skool-House (On-The-Green), creates conducive learning environments to promote children’s independent learning. She also organises visits to primary schools and invites community partners such as policemen and firefighters to introduce safety knowledge to children. Besides learning in school and at home, she believes that the community has plenty to teach children and can have the most direct impact on a child’s development. As a senior teacher, Zhou Jie also guides her fellow teachers. For her contributions to the early childhood sector, Zhou Jie was conferred the Outstanding Preschool Educator at the ECDA Awards 2022.



As a Nursery 1 teacher, Li Wanyi, Senior Chinese Teacher at Little Skool-House (At-Downtown-East), focuses on observing and attending to children’s interests and needs. In fact, she quickly adjusted the curriculum to integrate the topic of “turtles” and “tortoises” and even changed the theme of the classroom to ‘Ocean’ when she noticed children being fascinated by a giant tortoise that a parent took to school. She also designs sensory activities and builds a good relationship with the children under her charge so that they will be motivated to learn. For her ability to connect with and nurture children, Wanyi received the Promising Early Years Educator at the ECDA Awards 2022.

The ECDA Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Development recognises the exemplary achievements and accomplishments of educators, early intervention professionals, leaders and centres that have excelled in their teaching and learning, and innovative practices in the early childhood sector.