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What Sets our Preschool in Outram Apart

The Little Skool-House preschool in Outram, is located at the Outram Community Hospital, a major institution in Singapore housed within SingHealth Tower. Placing value on the importance of nurturing a child’s mind, our preschool in the Hospital Boulevard features a conducive learning environment where our award-winning educators strive to meet educational goals set by the education ministry in Singapore.

The Little Skool-House kindergarten in Outram has been awarded the Spark certification by ECDA and Healthy Pre-Schools (HPS) Accreditation in Singapore. We create a safe and nurturing learning environment that teaches kids the importance of proper nutrition and staying active.

Being the chosen preschool by top institutions, the Little Skool-House campus at Hospital Boulevard Singapore is the preferred preschool for employees of our workplace centre partner in Outram. Established to provide working parents with a safe place for their children during working hours, our workplace centre in Outram Community Hospital is a convenient option.

10 Hospital Boulevard
Singapore 168582

Programmes Offered

Preschool (18 months to 6 years) - Full Day

At the Little Skool-House kindergarten in Outram, we offer full-day programmes for preschoolers in Singapore, aged between 18 months and 6-years old. Our pedagogy based on clinical research on child development and education has led to 93% of Little Skool-House preschoolers being Highly Proficient in both English and Mandarin. In addition, the Little Skool-House kindergarten in Outram and all around Singapore, offers a range of enrichment programmes for a more holistic development.

Marie Luo

Vice Principal

Diploma in Kindergarten Education – Teaching



Q :
When should I apply for my child’s enrolment? Is there a fixed period for registration?
A :

Enrolment is open all year round, depending on availability. Registration may be done up to 12 months before your child’s intended enrolment date.

Q :
What are the school hours?
A :

This centre is open from:

  • Mondays to Fridays: 7am to 7pm
  • Saturdays: 7am to 2pm

Our centres are closed for 6 days in addition to public holidays.

Q :
What is the difference between The Little Skool-House Workplace centres and Non-Workplace centres?
A :

The main difference is our Workplace centres operate in collaboration with our workplace partners as their preschool of choice for their employees.

Our goal is to give working parents peace of mind by making sure their little ones are well taken care of during working hours and are receiving quality early childhood education.

Which is why at our Workplace centres, vacancy priority is given to workplace employees. Nonetheless, if you are not an employee of our Workplace centres and would like to be considered for enrolment, you will be invited to join our waitlist. Rest assured that, be it Workplace or Non-workplace Centre, our programmes and curriculum are the same for both.

Q :
How do I get to the Preschool in Hospital Boulevard (Singapore)?
A :

Located a walking distance away from Outram Park MRT station, Little Skool-House kindergarten in Outram Singapore can be conveniently accessed by families residing in Bukit Merah, Downtown core, Outram, and Radin Mas. Bus service 196 is available from opposite the MAS building.

For other FAQs please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.

93% of our graduates are Highly Proficient in English and Mandarin
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