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4-6 Years: Literacy-Based Curriculum

In preschool, we want children to be successful not only in school but in life. Which is why our Literacy-Based Curriculum focuses on your child’s total development. Learning is integrated across six subject domains: Language & Literacy, Math, Science, Creativity, Physical Self and Social Development. All these spring from the pages of a storybook. We believe stories open many doors to learning; from language to logic, from creativity to critical thinking.

The Formation Programme 

Under this curriculum, our Formation Programme gives your child a head start in primary school. 

Drama Pedagogy in Mandarin – offers a fun way for children to learn Mandarin as they get to create, act, direct and produce their very own Chinese play. 

Builders and Innovation Project – instills critical thinking and problem-solving skills as preschoolers learn to discuss, investigate, research and experiment.

Structured Reading Programme – enables independent reading as each child progresses at their own pace based on their assessed capabilities.

Nursery 2 (4 years) 

Kindergarten-readiness skills is the main focus of the Nursery 2 Programme. Through hands-on activities that promote social interaction, your little preschooler will enjoy learning about letters and numbers and other foundational concepts.

Kindergarten 1 (5 years) 

As children begin to grasp the printed word and learn to write words using letters to represent each sound,  our Kindergarten 1 Programme provides meaningful experiences to hone your child’s reading and writing skills further. We also encourage curiosity and self-discovery with our Wall of Questions where children can write their questions and, with the help of our teachers, find the answers for themselves.

Kindergarten 2 (6 years) 

To prepare your child for primary school, our Kindergarten 2 Programme equips preschoolers with foundational concepts, attitudes and knowledge for the bigger challenges ahead. So we make sure we cover 4 key learning areas, namely, ability to communicate, academic preparedness, behavioral adaptations and key areas. With these, your child is well-rounded for primary school and can confidently say, “Big school, I’m ready for you!”