Curriculum Highlights


0-3 years

Relationships-Based Curriculum

Confidence and independence are the starting point for a child's learning.

Our Relationships-Based curriculum ensures that learning outcomes stipulated by the Early Childhood Development Agency and the Ministry of Education are expertly honed in each child by fostering the child's interest in learning and self-discovery.

To start your child on learning, we focus on building his self-confidence. As observed by Zero to Three (National Center for Clinical Infant Programs), "Children who are confident are eager to learn new skills and face new challenges."

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The same study also noted that self-confidence is essential for children to learn how to get along with others, particularly in school situations where they need to share, compete and make friends.

In their first week at The Little Skool-House, we assign a teacher to always be with the children to ensure them of help and support, and to provide positive reinforcement to give them a sense of pride.


Establishing routine is also an important part of fostering self-confidence. According to Zero to Three, children feel safe, secure and confident.

"When events are predictable and when they happen in approximately the same way at approximately the same time each day."

Once children gain a sense of familiarity and belonging, we then introduce them to storybooks as a springboard for learning.

Literacy-Based Curriculum

4-6 years

Literacy-Based Curriculum

Holistic development to enable success in school and success in life.

Our 4 to 6 year olds are focussed on preparing for Primary School. The Little Skool-House Literacy-Based Curriculum culminates in our Formation Programme in order for children to be primary school-ready even before they leave preschool.


The Formation Programme

Builders & Innovation Project

Instilling critical thinking and problem solving in science and math learning. Our children make their own science project, applying concepts and skills they have learnt in projects such as water filtration and how the digestive system works.


Drama Pedagogy in Mandarin 戏剧教学

A fun and engaging theatre production produced by the children. From script writing, to costume making and selling tickets, to performing their very own play on stage. All in Mandarin.


Structured Reading & Literacy Assessments

Equips preschoolers with different strategies to enable them to read independently and at their own pace. From phonics to Yu Ying to weekly journal writing.

93% of our graduates are Highly Proficient in English and Mandarin
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