High Proficiency In English And Mandarin

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At The Little Skool-House we are proud
that our curriculum not only builds holistic
development for children, but also has led to
93% of our children achieving High Proficiency in both English and MandarinLeft quote

This has been achieved in a study by Nanyang Technological University in 2019 by Dr. Setoh (PhD, The University of Illinois) and is the result of our robust Pedagogy for Enhanced Mandarin Acquisition.

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Pedagogy for Enhanced Mandarin Acquisition

Pillar 1

Systematic Language Formation

• Comprehension versus Memorisation

Methodical building of vocabulary
Focuses on understanding concept versus rote learning.

• Scaffolding on Grammar, Sentence Structure and Pronunciation

Ensures correct foundation is built for primary school readiness

• Progressive Complexity in Reading and Writing

Goal: Primary 1 readiness

Pillar 2

Highly Trained, Multi Awarded Teachers

• Curriculum developed by Mandarin Pedagogy Expert

Dr. Connie Lum, EdD, Committee member of Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism,
author of 30 published books on teaching Chinese

• Rigorous Mandarin Teacher training programme

Includes training by Taiwan's Prof. Chen Ren Fu,  learning journeys to Beijing, Taiwan and Hong Kong, mentorship and on the job coaching
Drives skill progression for all of Little Skool-House’s teachers from the Beginning to Developing to Mastery level of teaching

Pillar 3

Progressive Usage: From Everyday Topics to Complex Ideas

• Builders and Innovation Project

Ability to think, analyse and reason in Mandarin (e.g. which fruits can conduct electricity)

• Converse and Write Complex Ideas

Ability to express own ideas and carry more complex conversations
Weekly journal writing based on children’s interest

• Full Cycle Chinese Theatre Pedagogy

An immersive experience where children advocate and influence their peers, express complex ideas, plan production, solve problems and do self assessments, all in Mandarin

Full cycle












Write Own Script




Write Own Script

Problem Solving





Problem Solving






Self Reflection



Self Reflection

93% of Little Skool-House Children
are Highly Proficient in English and Mandarin

Attaining High Bilingual Proficiency at The Little Skool-House Preschool

Establishing a strong bilingual foundation for preschool students is vital for their future language learning in Singapore and globally. The Little Skool-House is one of the leading preschools and childcare learning centres with a bilingual pedagogy for Enhanced Mandarin Acquisition that remains unrivalled by other immersion preschools in Singapore. With activities conducted entirely in Chinese, the correct foundation is built in kindergarten, promising readiness for primary school in Singapore.

The well-rounded curriculum implemented in the Little Skool-House bilingual preschools and childcare centres composes of bilingual programmes such as English enrichments and Mandarin Immersion lessons that meet the preschool learning goals set out by the Singapore Education Ministry. Exposure to languages like Chinese has led to 93% of Little Skool-House children being Highly Proficient in English and Mandarin and remaining highly skilled learners beyond kindergarten and throughout their lives in Singapore.

93% of our graduates are Highly Proficient in English and Mandarin
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