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Kindergartens provide comprehensive early childhood education programmes that prepare children aged 4 to 6 years old to take on primary school. In Singapore, children are not mandated to attend kindergarten before beginning formal education, but it is highly recommended as it gives them a head start and provides the fundamental skills needed to succeed in school.

Here’s why kindergarten is important for your child’s future:

1. Develop New Skills

Kindergartens in Singapore provide an enriching environment through carefully designed lesson structures and fun activities such as counting games, spelling bees, and role-playing to help children develop new skills and strengthen their independence. Children are encouraged to research and explore various topics through these activities, which help build confidence, expand their vocabulary, develop critical thinking and cognitive skills

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2. Primary School Preparedness

The majority of kindergartens in Singapore teach topics that will be covered as main subjects in primary school. These curricula are intended to provide an academic foundation in mathematics, science, and languages. Qualified educators impart essential knowledge that will allow children to learn and understand more easily in primary school.

With kindergarten programmes, children are placed in a formal learning environment where they can easily adapt on their own and better manage stressful challenges.

3. Promote Child Development

Along with teaching children the practical skills needed to excel academically, kindergartens also care for their overall well-being.

By encouraging play and communication, kindergarten educators guide children towards cultivating strong friendships and engaging in healthy interactions with others. Children are also taught how to better manage their emotions and resolve conflict on their own by acting as both counsellor and mediator. This guidance provides support for a child’s social and emotional growth.

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Despite the structured setting, kindergarten programmes are coordinated to stimulate a child’s curiosity. Most kindergartens provide sensory-rich indoor and outdoor areas as well as incorporate a play-based teaching approach to empower children to explore their surroundings and be inquisitive. Children develop a stronger interest in learning when they are exposed to positive learning experiences from a young age, which can help keep them engaged and motivated when formal schooling begins.

Kindergarten education plays an important role in a child’s life and should not be overlooked. Early childhood education gives children a significant head start in life, especially in Singapore, where education is highly valued.

Our curriculum at The Little Skool-House focuses on preparing children for primary school, and laying the important foundations useful for the child’s educational journey. Our language, numeracy, and literacy activities are designed to build learning confidence and behavioural maturity. Visit one of our centres today to learn more about our kindergarten programmes.

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