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We give your little one the confidence to shape their own path in the world

Our Curriculum

As trendsetters in early childhood education, we base our curriculum on proven research in child development and education from the world’s top universities. Our curriculum is designed not only to prepare your child for primary school, but to nurture a love for lifelong learning and build the self-confidence and skills your little one needs to shape their own path in the world.

What Parents Say…

The number of Math games created by the teachers make the lessons interesting, fun and definitely easier for the children to absorb. Whenever I’m working on Math with Sedric, I find that his number sense is really strong, and he can answer my questions immediately. Thank you for your hard work Teachers.
Mother of Sedric Lee, Age 6
Anya represented her class and won first prize at Primary One level. All this would not have been possible without a solid foundation created at The Little Skool-House.
Parents of Anya Wong, Age 8
Thank you teachers for teaching important life skills and building a strong sense of self-responsibility and independence in my girl. She has really grown!
Parents of Charlotte Koh, Age 3
Eden didn’t take to food textures very well. While initially picky with vegetables, the teachers now proudly update that he finishes whatever vege is in his bowl.
Parents of Eden Toh, Age 3
Germaine shows significant improvement in her Chinese in terms of speech and expressions. She is able to communicate better with her grandmothers fluently.
Parents of Germaine Foo, Age 4
The Little Skool-House teachers have always made our children very comfortable. It is so heartwarming to see them rush to hug their teachers in the morning. They seem to have the magic fingers to handle the kids well. They prepare them well for Primary school.
Parents of Janelle & Jayden, Ages 6 & 4
Janelle is always intrigued by how things work and react to changes. She enjoyed learning and understanding Science through many fun, interesting and hands-on experiments and projects with her classmates, teachers and even with us at home.
Parents of Janelle Tan, Age 6
Noah’s love of reading and creating stories came from inspirational storytelling by The Little Skool-House teachers.
Parents of Noah Lim, Age 5

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Embracing diversity and inclusivity is so important for our little ones to grow into global citizens of the future. 🤗 

Through our Little Skool Club’s “Skool of Friends by Barbie” event, our children and their parents can learn more about diversity and inclusivity in a fun way through hands-on activities. 

Hear from Faustina, mum of Atlas in N2, as she shares why such experiences are valuable in teaching children about empathy and respecting differences. 💞

#LittleSkoolHouse #LSHExperience #preschoolsg #NFCchild #LittleSkoolClub #relationalskills #GlobalCitizenship #digitalintelligence
What can Barbie and Ken teach us?

With the launch of our Little Skool Club, parents can gain enriching experiences along with their children. Our first event, “Skool of Friends by Barbie” in collaboration with Mattel South Asia, promotes diversity and inclusivity in an experiential setting.🌟

Gerald Koh, parent of Gemma in N1, thought it was an excellent idea for his daughter to understand different cultures through Barbie and Ken. In his words,  the programme teaches children respect and empathy. It’s a subtle and fun way for the children to learn.

Let’s hear from Gerald as he delves into the importance of learning good values from a young age.

#LittleSkoolHouse #LSHExperience #preschoolsg #NFCchild #LittleSkoolClub #relationalskills #GlobalCitizenship #digitalintelligence
We’re excited to announce the launch of Little Skool Club! This unique experiential platform is specially designed for our little learners and their families at Little Skool-House. 🎉

Little Skool Club bridges classroom education with the real world, offering unique and enriching learning experiences that enhance our children's three vital skills - Relational Skills, Global Citizenship, and Digital Intelligence.

Collaborating with organisations that share our values, we’re particularly excited to kick-off with 'Skool of Friends by Barbie,' a partnership with @mattel South Asia. This marks Mattel’s first collaboration with a preschool in Singapore! The partnership aims to promote diversity and inclusivity in an engaging way, inspiring our children to dream big and extend the lessons we teach them beyond the classroom. 🌈👧

Watch and hear more from Ms Coreen Soh, Chief Child Development Officer of NTUC First Campus and General Manager of Little Skool-House, as well as Ms Alia, Brand Manager of Mattel South Asia, as they share their vision for this exciting partnership!

#LittleSkoolHouse #LSHExperience #preschoolsg #NFCchild #LittleSkoolClub #relationalskills #GlobalCitizenship #digitalintelligence
Our little ones from Little Skool-House at Ulu Pandan Community Club were delighted to join Mr Desmond Lee, Minister for National Development & Minister-in-Charge of Social Services Integration at a special tree-planting session at the opening of Buona Vista node yesterday.🙌🌳

They also tried their hands at street art painting alongside graffiti artists. 🎨 

Thank you Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and NParks for this enriching experience! 💚

@urasingapore @nparksbuzz @desmond.lee 

#LittleSkoolHouse #LSHExperience #GlobalCitizenship #NFCchild #sustainability