Curriculum Framework Overview

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Trendsetters in Early Childhood Education

As trendsetters in Early Childhood Education in Singapore, our curriculum is designed by pioneering and established ECDA fellows. Our pedagogy is based on clinical research on child development and education from top universities of the world.


Holistic Development and High Proficiency in both English and Mandarin

The Little Skool-House curriculum addresses the holistic developmental needs of children and provides globally accepted learning experiences for all preschoolers. With uniquely developed pedagogies that coincide with educational needs from infancy to kindergarten, our curriculum incorporates various programmes into its education framework. We focus on:

  • High proficiency in both English and Mandarin through our Pedagogy for Enhanced Mandarin Acquisition
  • Creating a love and interest in academic areas such as math and science
  • Building self-confidence, and developing social and emotional strength
  • Preparing every child for Primary School
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Primary School Formation Programme

Our Primary School Formation Programme has hallmark pillars such as:

  • Builders and Innovation Project
  • Pedagogy for Enhanced Mandarin Acquisition
  • Structured Reading and Literacy Assessments

Our objective is to enable children to be ready for primary school, ready for life.


Chosen Preschool of Singapore’s Top Institutions

With all this in mind, we are proud to be the chosen preschool of Singapore’s most prestigious institutions for their own children, such as the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), the National University of Singapore (NUS), and many more.


Infant-3 years

Relationships-Based Curriculum

The cornerstone of our Relationships-Based curriculum is the belief that building your child’s confidence is the starting point for every child’s learning journey in Singapore.

4-6 years

Literacy-Based Curriculum

The objective of our Literacy-Based Curriculum is holistic development to enable success in school, and success in life.

The Little Skool-House Curriculum Framework

The Little Skool-House places importance in building an unshakeable foundation for your child. In preparation for lifelong learning amongst kids in kindergarten, our trained preschool educators follow a curriculum framework that reflects the desired outcomes of education set out by the Singapore Ministry of Education and ECDA. Our preschool curriculum framework aims to develop a love for learning and ensure retention from early years through to kindergarten.

93% of our graduates are Highly Proficient in English and Mandarin
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